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Student News submissions

Share your news and stories with the student community
Student News is our weekly bulletin with stories, notices, events, news, competitions, special offers and resources delivered directly to all students.

Please note Student News is currently on semester break and will resume in February 2020. 

The student newsletter is distributed every Monday during semester to all currently enrolled students. You can submit content to the newsletter or to the online student news hub, where we publish articles about campus life, academic tips and student success stories.

Have a question about your submission or feedback about Student News? Email us at


Any content published must be relevant to the University experience of students. Final editing of all materials submitted will be undertaken by the editorial team as required. 


  • Be submitted by 5pm on the Tuesday prior to your intended publishing date. Items submitted after this deadline will be published in the following edition. Aim to submit as early as possible. 
  • Have an interesting title and start with a question or call to action. "Are we experiencing a global food shortage?" is more engaging than "the department is having a lecture on the global food shortage".
  • Include a link to further information and/or an action (such as to register/RSVP).
  • Use an engaging image. Consider your image before submitting – is it eye catching? Choose an interesting image of the subject or research over a headshot of the speaker, especially if the speaker is not well-known to students.
  • Have the right message at the right time. Consider the perspective of your audience – why should they care about your message, and why should they care at that particular time? Consider context, relevance and timeliness.


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